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Light Truck Fitment Formula

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Below are some of the mathematical formulas used to answer commonly asked questions concerning fitments of light truck tires.

"How much extra ground clearance under the axles will be provided?" or "How much will it raise the vehicle's center of gravity?"

(New Tire Diameter-Original Tire Diameter) / 2 = Approx. change in ground clearance and center of gravity

(32.5" - 27") / 2 = 2.75" change (increase) in ground clearance and center of gravity

"How will it affect the acceleration performance of the truck?"

The answer is that it has the same affect as changing the axle ratio of the truck.

(Original Tire Diameter / New Tire Diameter) X Original Axle Ratio = Effective Axle Ratio

(27" / 32.5") X 3.50 Original Axle Ratio = 2.91 Effective Axle Ratio

"How will it affect the performance of the truck on the highway?"

(Original Tire Diameter / New Tire Diameter) X RPM@MPH = New RPM @ actual MPH

This example is for 55 MPH

(27" / 32.5") x 2400 RPM = 1985 RPM @ 55 mph with new tires.

"How far off will the speedometer be?"

May be speeding ticket time!

(New Tire Diameter / Original Tire Diameter) X Indicated Speed = Actual Speed with new tires

(32.5" / 27") X 55MPH = 66.2 MPH Actual Speed with new tires

"What can I do to regain the performance?"

Change the differential gears if the truck is equipped with solid axles at a cost of about $400 - $500 per axle.

(New Tire Diameter / Original Tire Diameter) X Original Axle Ratio = Required Axle Ratio

(32.5" / 27") X 3.50 Original Axle Ratio = 4.20 Required Axle Ratio

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