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Wheel Cover Installation Instructions

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1. All wheel covers must have a metal ring with an indent. If the ring is missing or does not have an indent, call our customer service department toll free at 888-981-3953. We will replace it free of charge.

2. The ring indent must be lined up with the valve stem stamp diagram that is located on the backside of the wheel cover. The valve stem on your wheel will fit inside this indent. See Figure 1.

3. Check each ring insert to make certain that the indent is facing down and inward (away from you if you are looking at the backside of the wheel cover).

4. Push the wheel cover onto the steel wheel, and once it feels secure, check again to make sure the indent and the tire valve stem are lined up.

5. Test fit the wheel cover by trying to remove it with your hands. If the wheel cover can be easily removed, change the placement of the wire ring by pushing it down into the lower notch on the tabs. See Figure 2.

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