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The Custom Assembly of O.Z. 3-Piece Wheels

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In 2006, Tire Rack became the North American distributor for O.Z. wheels. This partnership includes O.Z.'s prestigious, custom 3-piece wheel program.

O.Z.'s custom program allows Tire Rack to maximize wheel fitment without the limitations associated with one-piece wheels. Tire Rack's fitment specialists work to find the best balance between required brake clearance and maximum outer lip depth for the most aggressive appearance. Applications are available for many of the world's most exotic cars including Aston Martin, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Maserati and Porsche. But you don't have to own an exotic car to enjoy the quality and prestige of an O.Z. 3-piece wheel. Wheels are available for a wide variety of luxury and performance cars, as well.

While an elite look is key and often what drives an investment in 3-piece wheels, O.Z.'s approach to produce technically correct wheel components is what truly justifies this investment. Know what makes your custom 3-piece wheels the high tech choice that they are.

O.Z. 3-piece Wheel Components

O.Z. 3-piece wheel components - wheel center, inner rim section and outer rim section - are produced in the same facility, with the same machinery, and using the same technology as F1 race wheels. These components make up the foundation of a quality, custom 3-piece wheel program. Rim diameters are available in 18", 19", 20", and 22" with inner rim widths of 5.5" to 9.5" and outer rim widths of 1" to 4" possible. Tire Rack's complete, in-house inventory of all 3-piece wheel components means quick turn-around with assembled wheels shipping within 1-2 days of order receipt.

Precise wheel assembly is performed at Tire Rack using an exacting process that maintains and enhances the structural integrity originally built into each individual wheel component. O.Z. supplies a proprietary fastener specific to its 3-piece wheels to ensure the highest level of structural integrity. These fasteners alone do not guarantee a properly assembled wheel and tightening these fasteners by hand, or using ordinary power tools, does not result in repeatable torque accuracy. Thus, Tire Rack uses a factory-certified Ingersoll Rand DC Electric Fastening System to tighten O.Z.'s proprietary fasteners. The assembly torque of these critical fasteners is controlled and repeatable to less than 1/2%. Tire Rack's fastening system produces traceable measurements of torque to spec every time. In fact, wheels custom-assembled at Tire Rack are shipped with a computerized print out that shows in detail the settings used to assemble each wheel. Proper torque (fasteners tightened to spec so they won't break or loosen) and run-out (radial and lateral roundness for vibration-free rides) are recorded.

Once assembled, each O.Z. 3-piece wheel gets a unique serial number noted on a sticker placed on the inside of the wheel near the valve stem.

So the next time you see an O.Z. 3-piece wheel, it's okay if you show a little respect and do some staring. These are wheels of distinction.

O.Z. Custom-Assembled 3-Piece Wheels from The Tire Rack
Botticelli III
(Bright Silver w/Polished Lip)
Raffaello III
Superleggera III
(Black w/Polished Lip)
Giotto III
(Bright Silver w/Polished Lip)
Superleggera III
(Bright Silver w/Polished Lip)

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