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ValeoULTIMATE® Wiper Blades (Hook-Lock)

2013 Subaru BRZ Premium
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The Valeo ULTIMATE Wiper Blade, selected as standard equipment by many OEMs worldwide, combines an aerodynamic, low profile with more than 1,500 continuous contact points for improved performance compared to standard or conventional wiper blades. Designed for all-weather/winter use, there are no frame joints or other components that could freeze or become clogged with ice or snow limiting foul weather performance.

When you use the Valeo ULTIMATE Wiper Blade you can expect:
Valeo ULTIMATE Wiper Blade All-weather/winter design offers resistance to cold weather conditions, no icing (metal parts perform better over the plastic parts used in other wiper blade designs)
High quality performance at all speeds, in all conditions
Revolutionary aerodynamic design with reduced vibration and judder
Enhanced aero-acoustics for low wind noise
User-friendly lock/unlock provided by unique blade attachment
Ultra flat blade for improved driver visibility

To create uniform wiping pressure across the entire length of the blade for optimal windshield contact, Valeo's Research and Development Center developed breakthrough Flat Blade Technology. This technology results in a very efficient, ultra-flat wiper blade. An integrated, wind lift spoiler combines with the blade's aerodynamic low profile to help it maintain contact with the windshield to improve visibility, even at higher speeds. In fact, Valeo's European test center speed rated the blades to more than 140 mph.

The Valeo ULTIMATE Wiper Blade also utilizes Tec-3 Technology:
Rubber wiping element combines synthetic and natural rubber with a patented, bonded protective coating
Synthetic rubber upper body provides resistance to permanent set deformity in high temperatures and a superior wipe in all temperatures
Natural rubber wiping edge provides improved wiping quality and is flexible in cold conditions

Protective coating reduces chatter and squeaking noise during the life of the blade and makes them last longer than standard blades

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