Tire Rack BMW CCA Club Racing Series

BMW CCA Club Racing Logo Since 1998, Tire Rack has been the title sponsor of the BMW CCA Club Racing Series. Events are held across the U.S. and Canada and involve hundreds of licensed racers. Among the highlights along the way is a premier race on the Circuit Of The Americas, home of the U.S. Formula 1 round. For those that are new to track competition there are a number of Club Racing Schools that help provide the experience necessary to ensure a safe, fun and competitive event for all interested novices.

BMW CCA Club Racing Series Participant Photo

Sanctioned by the BMW Car Club of America, this door-to-door racing series takes place at the most challenging racetracks across the country and is open to BMWs that have the proper safety modifications for competition. By running under vintage racing rules that discourage overly aggressive driving, the club attempts to minimize the risk of vehicle damage normally associated with door-to-door racing.

For more information about Tire Rack BMW CCA Club Racing programs and a schedule of events, visit their web site at www.bmwccaclubracing.com