SCCA Track Night in America
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SCCA Track Night in America driven by Tire Rack is a gathering place for drivers of all levels to share their passion for cars. The program features an affordable, after-work lapping program for drivers ranging from track rookies to veterans and their street cars. It’s simply about fun with cars.

The fastest way to get on a track, SCCA Track Night in America is split into three levels based upon a driver’s comfort level and skill set. Rookies get extra attention from the gate through their on-track sessions, ranging from help removing loose items in the car (like floor mats and unsecured tire jacks) to coaching and follow-the-leader paced laps during their sessions.

“We’re extremely excited,” Matt Edmonds, vice president of marketing at Tire Rack, said. “SCCA Track Night in America is that opportunity to take automotive enthusiasts and ignite them, making them true driving enthusiasts. This program will help them see that they can enjoy their car’s performance in a safe environment. It’s a chance to get on a track and experience their vehicle and improve their driving skills. For years many drivers have asked the question, ‘I wonder what it would be like to put on a helmet and feel the thrill of driving on the pavement reserved for racers?’ This is the answer to that question.” Find out more at

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