Hotchkis Sport Suspension

Hotchkis Sport Suspension

Hotchkis Sport Suspension is one of the leading producers of high quality suspension systems engineered for domestic muscle cars, SUVs, and pickup trucks, plus European performance vehicles and Japanese sport compact vehicles.

The installation of a properly engineered aftermarket suspension system can enhance everyday driving by providing increased stability, handling, and maneuverability.  The current crop of “retro” muscle cars from Dodge, Chrysler, Ford, and GM are equipped with powerful engines that quickly overpower stock suspensions, even in everyday driving. These vehicles as well as domestic trucks and SUVs will benefit from the installation of a properly engineered and tuned suspension system.

Likewise, today’s European performance vehicles and Japanese sport compact cars can benefit from the installation of a properly engineered aftermarket suspension system to enhance everyday commuting by increasing stability, handling, and maneuverability, as well.

To achieve these performance benefits, Hotchkis Sport Suspension engineers have developed TVS (Total Vehicle Suspension) Kits and Performance Suspension Components that will enable your vehicle to transfer horsepower and torque to the four tire contact patches so your vehicle will gain significantly improved handling and stability, yet maintain the ride quality demanded by owners.

Prior to the production of any Hotchkis Sport Suspension component, Hotchkis Sport Suspension engineers measure and evaluate vehicles using state-of-the-art CAD and CNC systems to ensure that each prototype component operates free and clear of the vehicle body and frame. This careful process ensures an exact fit and easy installation. For example, Hotchkis Sport Suspension Anti-Roll Bars are designed to bolt directly onto the vehicle with no vehicle modification. All Hotchkis Sport Suspension components are coated in extra heavy, durable, gloss black powder coating and all hardware and detailed instructions necessary for installation are included so drivers can "Install on Saturday, Cruise (or Race) on Sunday."

Following the design and production process, all Hotchkis Sport Suspension prototypes are fully tested and evaluated on a 600-foot high-speed slalom course, 200-foot skid pad, 14-turn autocross course, and on the street. Complete data for both the stock and the Hotchkis Sport Suspension-equipped test vehicles is gathered and evaluated. Performance gains are documented and any component not meeting the Hotchkis Sport Suspension engineers’ rigid standards of fit and performance are critiqued, redesigned, and retested. Evaluation continues through customer input and comments and changes are made, if necessary.

A 36-month, 36,000-mile warranty is included with all Hotchkis Sport Suspension products.

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