At Tire Rack, we feel the passion. We appreciate the expertise of those around us. And we know it all plays into how we perform each and every day. We see it on the track where timing is everything. We see it in stadiums where champions are made. We see it in the eyes of those who coach young drivers so they’re safe on the road.

It's this combination of performance and expertise that creates winners at all levels.

And it’s why Tire Rack participates in, partners with and supports the following clubs, schools, events and institutions.

  • BMW Car Club of America
  • Notre Dame Athletics
  • PBS’ MotorWeek Automotive Series
  • SCCA Track Night in America
  • Tire Rack One Lap of America
  • Tire Rack SCCA National Solo Program
  • Tire Rack SCCA Starting Line Driving School
  • Tire Rack Street Survival Teen Driving School
  • Tire Rack Ultimate Track Car Challenge
  • Volta Electric Vehicle Charging Station Sponsorship