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KONI...From Horses to Horsepower

Now best known by driving enthusiasts for high performance and racing shock absorbers, KONI has produced equipment for the transportation industry since 1857. Over the years, their vast experience has earned them a worldwide reputation for being able to optimize their products for any specific application. And by focusing on high quality shock absorbers, KONI's no-compromise philosophy results in superb product performance and enhanced car control.

In fact, KONI suspension experts recognize that every vehicle has unique dampening needs, so rather than building only one type of shock absorber, KONI utilizes three technologies (twin tube hydraulic, mono-tube high pressure gas, and twin-tube low pressure gas) from which they choose the best dampening solution.

Performance Levels

KONI shock absorbers are manufactured with several performance levels:

KONI Special shock absorbers (typically painted red) were developed for drivers who want to improve their vehicle in general by providing better comfort and handling.

KONI Sport shock absorbers (painted yellow) were developed for sporting drivers by focusing on exceptional road holding and handling properties, combined with an acceptable level of comfort.


KONI shock absorbers are adjustable, which means that drivers can influence the behavior of their vehicle to meet their preferences for ride comfort and handling balance. This feature also allows the driver to adjust the shock absorber's dampening to compensate for wear which occurs over tens of thousands of miles.

Tailor Made

KONI shock absorbers are designed for a specific car and even its special driving conditions. They are not a simple copy of the original, but a tailor made design to get the best handling and ride characteristics from the vehicle.


KONI shock absorbers are designed to improve the handling of the vehicles upon which they are installed. KONI specialists keep on testing and making changes until they are convinced they have reached their optimum blend of handling and comfort.

Built For A Lifetime

KONI shock absorbers are built to last a lifetime. Once KONIs are installed on a vehicle, they will usually outlive it! KONI street shocks carry a lifetime warranty to the original purchaser for as long as they own their car.

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