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Turanza EL400-02

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Tire Rack Test ResultsBridgestone Turanza EL400-02

Why Gamble With Winter Tire Selection When Four of a Kind Always Beats Two Pair? (01:56)
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Some drivers still doubt the industry's requirement for equipping front-wheel drive vehicles with matching winter tires all the way around. To address those doubts and demonstrate what can happen when mixed tires reach their limits on hard-packed snow and ice, we did some tests at our local skating rink.

Read the full test report.

Ratings & reviews Bridgestone Turanza EL400-02

Based on 750 submissions of our online survey.
Average Rating:
Performance Category: Standard Touring All-Season
  • Survey Stats
  • 20,384,070 Total Miles Reported
  • 21 out of 21 in Standard Touring All-Season Tires
  • 57% vs. best in Standard Touring All-Season Tires
Would You Recommend?
2.0 - Unacceptable
Wet Performance
5.1 - Fair
  • 5.1 Hydroplaning Resistance
  • 5.2 Wet Traction
Dry Performance
6.3 - Fair
  • 6.0 Cornering Stability
  • 6.6 Dry Traction
  • 6.3 Steering Response
Winter/Snow Performance
3.1 - Poor
  • 3.8 Light Snow Traction
  • 2.8 Deep Snow Traction
  • 2.6 Ice Traction
Comfort Performance
5.4 - Fair
  • 5.6 Ride Quality
  • 5.1 Noise
Treadwear Performance
4.3 - Poor
Note: Consumer Survey Ratings are from 0-10 with 10 being the highest.

Media Gallery

  • Are Front-Wheel Drive and All-Season Tires Enough for Winter Driving? (02:33)
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    Drivers living in the northern U.S. have already discovered a set of dedicated winter/snow tires increases their vehicles' wintertime capabilities enough to reduce their driving times, tension and stress. However, if you're among the skeptics who still question if the added traction is worth the expense, watch this video.

    Read the full test report.

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  • Testing on Ice: Winter / Snow vs. All-Season vs. Summer Tires (03:38)
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    First we tested all-season and winter / snow tires on our snowy test track.

    Now watch as we compare the difference between winter / snow tires, all-season tires and summer tires by evaluating acceleration, stopping and cornering capabilities — this time using an ice rink as our test track.

    Read the Full Test Report.


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