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Hyper Silver
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Ratings & Reviews Bremmer Kraft BR09 Hyper Silver

Based on 4 submissions of our online survey.
Average Rating:
4 out of 5
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    • Vehicle: 2015 Audi S5 Coupe Premium Plus
      Wheel Diameter: Not Provided
      • Location:
      1 out of 2 people found the following review helpful:
      April 16, 2016
      We purchased these wheels with tires already mounted, and I installed them myself. It took perhaps fifteen minutes for the first three wheels, and twenty minutes for the last one, due to a temperamental centering ring. The silver painted finish is bright but somewhat cheap looking. I ignored it, as these served as Winter wheels, but I wouldn't buy them for showing off, unless price is a barrier. That being said, these wheels DO look nice, with a nice concave at my stock offset. They came with chromed plastic valve stem caps, which someone stole while I was parked, because they looked good. My chief gripe about the wheels is the gap between the outer lip and the tire, which looks broken, cheap, or both.
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      • Vehicle: 2004 BMW 325Ci Cabriolet Sport Package
        Wheel Diameter: 18
        • Location:
          ATTLEBORO, MA
        11 out of 11 people found the following review helpful:
        December 23, 2013
        Bought these wheels to replace a badly curbed stock setup. For the price, not a bad wheel overall. They do look very aggressive in person (esp. the staggered package), and the hyper silver is a VERY bright finish, and had some minor imperfections (some areas had been applied too thick, others too thin). The wheels were well balanced when received from TR, though one of the fronts looked like it needed an excessive amount of weight added to get it to roll properly. Once on the car, the weights aren't visible, so no big deal. If you need hub-centric rings, install can be a bit sketchy as noted in the other review. I put them on myself and had a tough time keeping the retaining spring from popping out as I tried to set the wheel on the hub. After a few tries, though, got them on and they do fit really well. No vibration issues, well balanced at speed, etc. All in all, for the price (under 1500 bucks mounted, balanced and delivered), this is a great wheel. It's by no means in the same category as a BBS or one of the more high-end manufacturers, but it has a great aggressive look, and I like that I was able to get them staggered, for a wider rear tire. The wider rear wheels are very concave, and look great on my car - I've received lots of compliments on the setup, even from other BMW guys who have spent three times as much on wheels. Only other downside, they are a bit difficult to clean. Long term I'd like to see TR offer a stock center cap, or at least an adapter for these, as it seems like there's be a market for it. All in all, I'd recommend them, and would buy again.
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        • Vehicle: 2009 Honda Civic Sedan Si
          Wheel Diameter: 18
          • Location:
            SANFORD, NC
          11 out of 12 people found the following review helpful:
          July 02, 2013
          The wheels are sexy... But -Special attention when getting the wheels done and aligned by a shop or any "professional".
          The centering rings for this vehicle uses a retainer spring. If not careful during install it will snap and the wheel will not sit properly.
          The retainer spring will also end up being crushed between the wheel and the rotor. So if you have the wheels installed by some professional shop - Inspect the car with rear view mirrors and sticking your head out for any wiggling.
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