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Cup 4

Silver Painted
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Ratings & Reviews Sport Edition Cup 4 Silver Painted

Based on 6 submissions of our online survey.
Average Rating:
4.5 out of 5
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    • Vehicle: 1998 Porsche Boxster
      Wheel Diameter: 18
      • Location:
        Near Chicago, IL
      2 out of 3 people found the following review helpful:
      July 30, 2012
      I got this wheels for my 98 Boxster to replace the stock 17 inch. The handling improved tremendously with the Sumitomo HTRZ III tires (265/18/35 rear, 225/18/40 front). Initially I had a shimmy at 65 + mph, but that was resolved when I took the tires for a road force balance at nearby tire shop. Another cause of the vibration was the Porsche original valve tire cap. They weigh 1.5oz each and will change the balance when you use those to replace the plastic ones. These wheels will improve the overall appearance of the car and the performance. I did not feel any change in torque or hp loss at all.
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      • Vehicle: 1989 Porsche 944 Turbo
        Wheel Diameter: 17
        • Location:
          Libertyville, IL
        5 out of 5 people found the following review helpful:
        April 18, 2012
        I got these for my '89 Porsche 944 turbo when I could no longer find rear tires for my OEM 16" wheels. I was a bit nervous about proper fit when ordering (offset, proper tire sizing, etc.) but the wheels (and tires) are a perfect fit. (FYI - Michelin Pilot Super Sports. 245/40 rear, 225/45 front. Love 'em).

        Also - these wheels look great on the car, especially compared to my old, beaten-up rims. Now have a nice view of the cross-drilled brake rotors which were barely visible before (should I paint my calipers guards red? Hmmm.).

        I've only experienced a couple minor drawbacks: One wheel tipped over on its outer face onto my concrete garage floor and it scraped a bit. My error, but the finish seems to mar kind of easily. Also - the lug holes are tight/small, as another reviewer mentioned - I felt like I was playing Operation trying to get the lugs in without dinging the wheel face (which I did once, and it left a small mark).

        These are minor complaints, though, on a good-looking wheel that I can actually find street tires for.

        Still breaking in the tires and haven't gotten the wheels dirty yet, so no input on performance or cleaning yet.

        Also - thanks Tire Rack for your prompt delivery and your helpful feedback during the buying process.
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        • Vehicle: 2011 Porsche Panamera 4 Standard Brakes
          Wheel Diameter: 18
          • Location:
            Glastonbury, CT
          3 out of 4 people found the following review helpful:
          March 17, 2012
          Got these wheels Panamera as the stock 18" wheels are so ugly (so those original equipment wheels will be my snow tire wheels). These wheels look fantastic and fit perfectly. The lug holes are oddly small, so take care that your lug wrench fits the hole. Installed easily amd the TPMS synched up perfectly. I put a good coat of wax on these wheels before installing them, and the seem like theyll be easy to clean. I really like the look of these wheels more than any wheel offered by Porsche for ky car. I like 18" wheels generally more than 19" wheels because your less likely to curb the rim, and they weigh alot less than 19" wheels and tire weigh.
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