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    • Vehicle: 2005 Dodge Magnum RT Rear Wheel Drive Standard Model
      Wheel Diameter: 20
      • Location:
      March 21, 2015
      I had been searching for similar OEM wheels for my vehicle for some time. The SM M8 offered me the look I wanted at a very reasonable cost. Once installed the wheels will pass a "stand off" look with the PVD providing an amazingly bright "chromish" appearance. It is when you are up close and personal that you see the imperfections, lots of them. Dimples in the coating from apparently not being sprayed in a clean room. Coating drips and runs on the inner portion, rear, of the wheel hub. Lots of application errors. Again, standing back 6-8 feet they look really good. The PVD coating itself really is a wash and use product. It cleans easily using soap and water. I did learn though that it is also easily subject to scratches, nicks, etc., so you have to be a little more careful than usual to ensure you don't mark them up. That being said I also found that light scratches can be buffed out using an approved product.

      I have had them for a year now and other than the issues noted above still love how they look, from a distance. I am already exploring the possibility of have the PVD reapplied at some point in the future.
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