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X106 Sawblade

Black Painted
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Ratings & Reviews Ultra Motorsports Xtreme X106 Sawblade Black Painted

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3.5 out of 5
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    • Vehicle: 2002 Chevrolet Tracker 4 Door 4wd
      Wheel Diameter: Not Provided
      • Location:
      2 out of 2 people found the following review helpful:
      February 12, 2017
      I bought these to replace the 14 year old factory rims that came with my Ho. They were ugly, but still in pretty good shape.

      The new wheels look good HOWEVER the rust resistance is TERRIBLE!

      I live in Central Illinois & this winter has been pretty mild compared to most, i.e., not much salt utilization on the roads this year, as of Feb 12th 2017.

      I've had the rims installed since October of 2016 and the following rust related things have already happened:
      1. All lug nuts show signs of rust around the top outer race of flat surfaces.

      2. The bolts on the pseudo bead locks are all showing signs of rust around the edges of the bolt heads.
      a. The bolts are for show, and thus I've not even touched them with a wrench.
      b. The bolt heads are recessed within the pseudo beak locks; therefore, it's nearly impossible for them to come into contact with anything and become scraped or scuffed.

      I complained about the lug nuts and Tire Rack did send me new lugs with the instructions to keep a good wax on them ever couple of weeks and to find a lug wrench with neoprene inserts. Okay, I can buy the part about the neoprene inserts to prevent scuffs on the lug nuts all, but I'm pretty sure I'll NEVER wax things every couple of weeks.

      I complained the other day about the rust on the pseudo bead lock bolts. Same response, try cleaning and waxing them every two weeks. I mentioned to them that I didn't recall EVER seeing any type of propaganda on their site about waxing anything every two weeks; nor any intel included with the rims when they showed up.

      Overall, I'm thoroughly disappointed with the quality of the rims, in particular the rust resistant properties; HOWEVER, this is NOT Tire Rack's problem. In MY opinion this is COMPLETELY an issue of the manufacturer.

      So, while the wheels LOOKED good when I got them, 5 to 6 months later they have rust on them.

      I would NOT NOT NOT recommend these wheels to ANYONE, unless you plan to wash and wax them every two weeks
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