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Hyper Silver
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Ratings & Reviews Enkei Tuning Raijin-19 Hyper Silver

Based on 3 submissions of our online survey.
Average Rating:
4.5 out of 5
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    • Vehicle: 2016 Kia Optima SX Limited
      Wheel Diameter: Not Provided
      • Location:
        MARTINEZ, CA
      1 out of 1 people found the following review helpful:
      March 23, 2017
      The review dated October 30, 2012 stated: "And lastly, the dome-shaped center caps of the 18" Enkei Raijin wheels will fit the Enkei Raijin-19's perfectly"

      This is NO LONGER TRUE. The center caps from the 18" Raijins will NOT fit on the 19" Raijins. They are just a tiny bit too small. I ruined one trying to get it on and was out $40ish bucks. Don't make that same mistake.
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      • Vehicle: 2008 BMW M3 Sedan
        Wheel Diameter: Not Provided
        • Location:
          GOLDEN, CO
        0 out of 1 people found the following review helpful:
        April 11, 2016
        Piece of cake. All worked as expected.
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        • Vehicle: 2007 Infiniti G35X Sedan
          Wheel Diameter: 19
          • Location:
            New York, NY
          21 out of 24 people found the following review helpful:
          October 30, 2012
          I purchased the Enkei Raijin-19 wheels and wrapped them in 245/40-19 Michelin Pilot Sport A/S tires, and I absolutely love the combination. I wanted a subtle but clean look for the wheels, and the Raijin-19's fit the bill perfectly as they look as if they could be OEM wheels on your modern day sports sedan.

          There are some performance benefits to the wheels too, as the wheels & tires felt lighter than the smaller stock 17" wheels & tires from my 2007 Infiniti G35X. It's not dramatically lighter than say BBS forged wheels, but enough to noticed when I installed the new wheels. Then again, the Enkei Raijin-19's are nearly one-third the price of those forged wheels. In all, I'd guess I'm saving about 3-4 lbs per wheel over the stock 17" wheels & tires, which is a definite plus.

          When it comes to the quality and finish of the Raijin-19, they look to be holding up fairly well. I've only had them for about a month now, but I have driven over some rough & gravely roads, and I haven't noticed any nicks or dings yet. The wheels appear to accumulate less brake dust than the OEM 17" wheels, but they take a bit longer to clean.

          And lastly, the dome-shaped center caps of the 18" Enkei Raijin wheels will fit the Enkei Raijin-19's perfectly. You can buy them separately here on TireRack, and in my opinion they look so much better than the black flat Enkei center caps that are included with the Raijin-19's.
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