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Choosing Brake Components

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What Brake Pads, Brake Rotors or Brake Systems Are Best for You and Your Vehicle?

How do you choose what brakes you need? What fits your needs most appropriately? The answer is one only you can provide. You live with your vehicle everyday, and rely on it to transport you from work or school, compete in a weekend autocross, or perform at a track day or driving school.

The first step is to determine what type of brakes you have on your car now. Then assess what you would like to improve, along with any tradeoffs you are willing to make to gain the things you want more of.

You may also want to mate upgraded brake pads with enhanced rotors, designed to fit your vehicle's Original Equipment braking system. These sport slotted and/or drilled rotors can give your car the look of a race car, and can also improve your brake system's ability to dissipate the fade-inducing gasses that can come along with the higher levels of heat associated with spirited driving.

Important Reminder: Slotted, drilled or dimpled rotors offered as OEM replacements should not be considered appropriate for high-speed track use.

If you find that merely changing brake pads is not enough, then a brake system upgrade may be what you need. Enlarging the brake rotor provides a bigger heat sink to handle higher levels of heat, and greater leverage to slow the vehicle, while upgrading the caliper will provide additional clamping force.


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