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PIAASuper Cobalt D4R HID (Pr)

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PIAA Super Cobalt H.I.D. bulbs are designed to provide a clean, clear, crisp light. The bulb allows drivers to upgrade their factory H.I.D. bulbs from normal 3800 Kelvin to up to 6600 Kelvin for light that burns at a much higher color temperature creating a brighter light output than a standard halogen bulb. Super Cobalt H.I.D. bulbs are street-legal in Canada and all 50 U.S. states and available in D1S, D2R, D2S, D4S and D4R sizes.

PIAA Super Cobalt Wattages

D1S: 35w 6200k
D2R: 35w 6600k
D2S: 35w 6600k
D4S: 35w 6600k
D4R: 35w 6600k

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