Producing Brembo Brake Components and Systems


Research & Development

Brembo's teams of engineers work with the most sophisticated equipment available today to continuously improve their brake products and manufacturing technologies. In fact, "testing and re-testing to improve and perfect" is a philosophy behind Brembo's product development.

The first step is the creation of a prototype component that will be the foundation for a safe and reliable finished product. The prototype will undergo extensive structural tests to uncover any weaknesses that occur when it is subjected to many different forms of stress.

The component will face the test bench and brake dynamometer to undergo rigorous, carefully monitored laboratory checks. Then it's time for technology to meet the driver so solutions can be found for any problems that are "felt" by the driver during braking. Brembo brake components are fitted to vehicles that are subjected to extreme usage under actual driving conditions, and run on the racing circuit.

Brembo's testing provides the full range of information necessary for the engineering team to review prior to final release for use on the street.


The next phase of production takes place in Brembo's technologically advanced Mapello foundry. Also environmentally friendly, the foundry strives to keep emissions free of pollutants while maintaining a "clean" working environment from every other aspect as well. It is here that the initial casting of raw materials (carefully selected per application) is performed and the products begin to take shape.


Each machining phase is performed to exacting criteria to ensure efficiency and accuracy. Brembo's use of robotic operations routinely evolves with advances in research and technology. At the same time, quality standards are subject to constant review as Brembo refines its systems to remain both innovative and exact.

Brembo brake rotors are machined to exacting tolerances, specifying only .0025-inch runout (about half of the industry norm) to enhance brake feel, and are electronically balanced by milling the edges of the disc (rather than adding clip-on weights) to reduce the possibility of vibration during the rotor's life.

Assembly and Logistics

The production of street and race brake systems takes place in the same factory. The logistics for guaranteeing precision are enacted with a radio frequency-based moving system directly interfacing with an AS400 computer that regulates the assembly line timing.

Testing Brembo Brakes

Quality Control

Checks and balances are not simply a matter of routine, but represent rather, a crucial stage of the production process. Brembo's formula is always the same with capable men and high precision, efficient machines completing the process.

Finished products are submitted to stringent testing. Materials, dimensions, thickness and performance are carefully examined to ensure quality control and consistent product performance.


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