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With more and more nearly silent-running electric vehicles entering the market, and as the owners of luxury automobiles demand ever-increasing levels of refinement, vehicle manufacturers continually seek out new methods to reduce the interior noise level of their offerings. One of the sources of the noise experienced in a car's cabin is the tires, and several manufacturers have addressed this by implementing sound-absorbing foam in the interior of their tires to combat cavity noise.

sound-absorbing foam cutout

Each tire manufacturer has their own marketing term and noise reduction claims, but they all essentially work in the same way. As a post-manufacturing process, a thick layer of foam insulation is adhered to the inner liner of the tire, either as a continuous piece or comprised of several shorter sections.

sound-absorbing foam cutout

Since this step occurs after manufacturing, the tires are otherwise identical to their non-noise reducing counterparts, and therefore could be mixed. For the same reason, the Department of Transportation Tire Identification Number (DOT TIN) of a noise reducing tire may be the same as the standard tire on which it is based. To help easily identify the tires without removal from the wheel, manufacturers often etch a logo into the tire sidewall.

tire sidewall logo

Manufacturers with noise reducing tires and their name for the technology are as follows:

Continental, ContiSilent

Continental - ContiSilent

Dunlop, Noise Shield Technology

Dunlop - Noise Shield Technology

Goodyear, SoundComfort Technology

Goodyear - SoundComfort Technology

Michelin, Acoustic Technology

Michelin - Acoustic Technology

Pirelli, Noise Cancelling System (PNCS)

Pirelli - Pirelli Noise Cancelling System (PNCS)

For the most effective results, all manufacturers recommend using four noise reducing tires. If your vehicle was originally equipped with this type of tire, it is likely you will notice a degradation in sound quality in the cabin if you switch to non-noise reducing tires.

Tires featuring noise reducing technology are identified on the specs page and in search results.


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