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Solo® Spec Coupe Tire Care and Feeding

Care and Feeding of Falken Azenis RT615K+ tires

The Falken Azenis RT615K+ is a balanced, easy-to-drive tire that has proven durable in a wide range of applications. The following guidelines will help drivers optimize their tires' performance during Solo® Spec Coupe (SSC) autocross competition and serve as a baseline from which adjustments can be made to suit your driving style, vehicle setup and course conditions.

Air Pressure

A good place to start with air pressure is in the low- to mid-30 psi range, depending on the wear you experience. Air pressure can be used to fine-tune the behavior of the vehicle to adjust for driver preference, and all adjustments should be made in 2 psi increments. It's tempting to drop air pressure while searching for more grip, but keep in mind this may lead to tire roll-over and rapid shoulder wear.

Autocross Tip - With the SSC alignment components allowing for aggressive negative camber settings and larger than stock anti-roll bars limiting body roll, you may find pressures at the low end of the range provide maximum grip on some surfaces. Pay close attention to tire shoulder wear when experimenting with lower pressures to maximize tire life and grip.

Tire pressures should always be returned to the factory-recommended settings before driving on public roadways.

Temperature Range

Experience has shown the Azenis RT615K+ provides the best blend of grip and precision when it is kept cool. For tires used in an autocross setting, this typically means around 120-130 degrees Fahrenheit. Tire temperatures should be taken with a probe-type pyrometer. Even temperatures across axles and from front to rear indicate the vehicle is using all four tires equally, and temperatures should be recorded as soon as safely possible after exiting the course. Keep in mind tire temperatures will be strongly affected by what they have done most recently, so if the last turn on the course is a fast right, it will spike the temperature on the left side tires. Similarly, a long, slow drive through the paddock to your spot will tend to equalize the temperature of all four tires.

Autocross Tip - In autocross conditions, competitors have found the Azenis RT615K+ responds well to surface cooling with water spray between runs. This practice may help to improve the tires' responsiveness and driver confidence through fast transition elements on course.

Tire Inspection Between Runs

Be sure to inspect your tires between runs to monitor tire wear, particularly on the outboard shoulders, and check for scuffing of the sidewalls that would indicate tire roll-over. Look closely for chips, cracks or damage and compare the appearance of the tread pattern on your tires to that of a new tire to help judge how worn they are.

Also see Baseline Suspension Settings for Solo® Spec Coupe (SSC) Class Competitors.


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