Winter / Snow Tire Tech

Four Winter Tires...The Only Way To Go

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It is imperative to keep the same level of traction at all four corners of the car; otherwise, the full benefits of ABS or traction control systems will be lost.

So when you put winter / snow tires on your vehicle, always put them on in a set of four. If you were to put winter / snow tires on only the front or rear of your vehicle, you would create a vehicle with a split personality. The traction capabilities of the tires on a vehicle play the largest single role in determining how that vehicle will react in any given situation. And with the great difference in traction capabilities between winter / snow tires and all-season or high performance tires, you can understand the loss of control when one end of the car performs very well and the other end just seems to have a mind of its own.

By installing four winter / snow tires, you maintain the most balanced and controlled handling possible in all winter driving conditions.


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