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Tire Specs Explained: Measuring Rim Width

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Measuring Rim Width

The measuring rim width is the industry standardized rim width upon which the tire must be mounted in order to confirm it meets its dimensional targets. Because the width of the rim will influence the width of the tire, a standard rim width for every tire size is assigned and must be used. This standardized measuring rim width allows all of the tires produced around the world to meet the same dimensional standards and therefore, be equivalent with regards to their physical size. The measuring rim width is sometimes referred to as the tire's "design rim width."

Tire Size Measuring
Rim Width
P175/75R14 5.0"
P195/75R15 5.5"
P215/75R15 6.0"
P235/75R15 6.5"

Tire Size Measuring
Rim Width
P225/75R15 6.0"
P225/70R15 6.5"
P225/65R16 6.5"
P225/60R15 6.5"
P225/55R15 7.0"
P225/50R15 7.0"
P225/45R17 7.5"
P225/40R18 8.0"

The assigned measuring rim width changes with the tire size's section width and with the tire size's aspect ratio. As tire section width increases, the measuring rim width increases proportionately in 1/2" increments. Therefore, relatively narrow wheel widths are assigned for smaller tires while wider wheel widths are assigned for larger tires.

Additionally, relatively "narrow" measuring wheel widths are assigned for taller profile tires (75-series sizes) which graduate in 1/2" increments to the wider wheel widths assigned for lower profile tires (40-series sizes).


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