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Use our Tire Service/Maintenance Record (PDF) to log tire rotations, seasonal tire changeovers and tire-related vehicle services. This type of record is often helpful if warranty consideration is ever necessary.

Download the Tire Service/Maintenance Record (PDF)

In December, 2014, the White House announced a new tire safety and efficiency program. Tire Rack has partnered with the White House, as have several other manufacturers and tire retail partners along with the Department of Transportation (DOT), to raise awareness about tire safety and take action to cut carbon pollution and reduce our dependence on foreign oil.

As part of this program, by 2017 the DOT will finalize a rule to establish a tire fuel efficiency information program so consumers can identify the most energy-efficient tires. We are ready to help with this guide to fuel-efficient, low rolling resistance tires that includes a listing of current options that focus on fuel economy as a high priority.

Fuel-Efficient Low Rolling Resistance Tires

And since 2010, our test results have included fuel consumption comparisons done in a real-world environment similar to what typical drivers would experience during day-to-day driving.

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Test results featuring eco-friendly tire lines are available, as well.

Additionally as part of the White House initiative, the 2015 NASCAR racing season will include a Drive for Safety program to further support tire safety awareness. But ultimately the choices we make when buying and maintaining our tires are what impact fuel efficiency and safety.

Be TireWise: Save Money at The Pump, Increase Efficiency, and Protect Your Safety

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The White House has released this guide that includes essential information about choosing and caring for your tires.

Be TireWise (PDF)

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